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Our company specializes in custom information system development, providing our clients with an individual approach and the most convenient solutions. We offer a full range of services for creating information systems, from concept development to technical support and maintenance.

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Our team of professionals has many years of experience and is ready to implement projects of any complexity. We strive to provide our clients with high-quality and reliable solutions that will meet their needs and expectations.

One of our competitive advantages is our own set of development tools - Apostol

Apostol is a set of software solutions that allows us to create information systems quickly, efficiently and with minimal costs.
The software suite includes a platform (framework) for developing server applications and a customer relationship management (CRM) system of our own development - Apostol CRM.
You are a client and you want an individual product to solve your business tasks
You are a developer with a lot of ideas to implement and in search of a competent team and quality tools

Platform Apostol

Apostol is a framework for developing server applications written in C++.

The key element of the platform is an HTTP server with direct access to the PostgreSQL database management system.

The uniqueness of the solution lies in the fact that the sockets, HTTP servers, and PostgreSQL are in a single event processing loop, which allows data to be instantly transmitted from the HTTP server to the database.

In other words, there are no intermediaries between the HTTP server and the database, which are usually represented by scripting programming languages. This, in turn, allows queries to be executed on the database with maximum efficiency and minimal time delays.

Platform Advantages

After assembly, you get a fully ready-to-work binary file in the form of a system service (daemon) under Linux OS
Queries to the HTTP server and database are executed as fast as the operating system and DBMS allow
Connection Pool
Apostol has its own customizable connection pool with PostgreSQL

Platform Modularity

Apostol has a modular design and can be equipped with the following modules:
Web Server
Used for interacting with the system via a web interface.
OAuth 2.0 Authorization Server
Allows users to access applications by using an existing social network account or, for example, a Google or ESI (State Service) user account.
Application Server
Used for remotely calling procedures using the REST architectural style (Representational State Transfer).
Message Server
Used for sending messages and interacting with external systems (SMTP/FCM/API).
The replication process involves distributing data changes from the main server (master) to one or more subordinate servers (slave).
File Server
A server for obtaining object files stored in the DBMS via a direct link (URL).
Stream Data Server
Designed for receiving and transmitting data from mobile devices and internet of things.
Postgres Fetch
Provides the ability to receive and send HTTP requests in the PL/pgSQL programming language.
WebSocket API
Provides the ability to connect to the system API via the WebSocket protocol.

Implemented projects examples

AI-powered platform for creating unique images, Ad Copy, video creatives, marketing descriptions for products and services.
Central system as a service for charging stations.
Ship Safety ERP
ERP system for organizing production activities of shipping companies.
Included in the register of Russian software
Certificate of state registration
Talking to AI
Telegram chat bot for communicating with artificial intelligence (ChatGPT).
CRM system for charging stations and electric vehicle owners.
DEBT Master
System for automating debt collection.
Bitcoin payment processing service.

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